Project Description


Hunt Retail Properties relocated an existing Walgreens it originally constructed over a decade ago to a brand new building, considered a new trophy store located on Folly Road in James Island right outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

Due to condemnation along Folly Road, the widening would have taken almost all of Walgreens front parking lot. Hunt Retail negotiated and purchased an aged building from an existing shopping center located directly behind the existing Walgeens and then relocated most of the existing tenants. Then with coordination between the newly chartered town of James Island, DOT, Black Diamond Builders, and Walgreens the rear building was demolished, the new larger Walgreens store was built while Walgreens operated in existing building. Then Walgreens moved to the new store almost overnight when it was completed and then Hunt Retail had the older building demoed immediately and the parking lots combined and finished to create a 16,000 square foot store with numerous amount of parking which not only benefits the Walgreens, but the entirety of the remaining Shopping Center. The road widening was completed shortly after.

What we did: